Sterile Fill Finish Facility

Confidential Client & Location

Potent compound filling

We partnered with the customer, module provider and another engineering firm to perform the process design and CIP start-up of a new fill-finish facility. The facility included 15,000 square feet of modular clean space and 30,000 square feet of mechanical space. Features included:

  • Automated CIP of the powder filling line, including particle reduction in the isolator prior to manual entry.
  • Automated steam in place sanitization of the product path.

We were contracted to provide conceptual design, detailed process design, automation documentation, automation, FAT support and commissioning for the project.

  • Formulation & Aseptic Filling Facility
  • Automated CIP & SIP of Filling & Formulation
  • CIP of Freeze Dryers, Filling Line & Conveying Equipment
  • Use of Disposables

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