Legacy Migration Capabilities

We specialize in seamless system migration.

Outdated control systems can increase costs, degrade performance and jeopardize security.

If you are currently operating a legacy control system, you have probably encountered one or more of the following challenges associated with keeping such systems working:

  • Obsolete parts that are increasingly difficult to find and expensive to replace when failures occur
  • Outdated software that can’t be updated and has limited capabilities
  • Exposure to security risks because such legacy systems were never designed to address the risks present in ” today’s interconnected world


We help you modernize efficiently and with minimal downtime.

Haskell can help you eliminate the risks of a legacy control system and preserve an existing asset. Our strategy of analyzing your current system, understanding your operational needs and minimizing downtime during the conversion allows us to create a customized migration plan that fits your budget, timeline and production requirements. We can help protect your current process while facilitating smooth migration to a modern system.

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