Healthcare Consulting

We help transform vision and mission into physical solutions.

Developing comprehensive solutions for healthcare environments is key to deploying smart capital.

Haskell’s Healthcare team translates clients’ vision and mission into physical environments that support efficient operations and the optimal patient experience. We collaborate with your team to develop specific yet flexible physical solutions to achieve your goals and priorities in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Our licensed healthcare architects and designers develop best-in-class solutions, and our subject-matter experts create roadmaps to implementation that allow for the organization’s financial and strategic realities.

Our planners identify the impacts of market dynamics and workflow on design solutions.

The Haskell team is committed to staying relevant as new technologies and trends emerge. Our analysis of informed analytics and our creative design process help clients achieve a sustainable business model within the dynamic healthcare market. Our approach results in a level of assurance related to capital investment, market flexibility and stakeholder consensus that will keep your project on track through their development.

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Healthcare Consulting
Healthcare Consulting

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