Bio-Conversion Facility Plant


Haskell helped two prominent global companies feed the world by developing a new bioconversion facility in Mukim Ula Tinggi, Selangor, Malaysia.

The partnership between a leading global resource-management group and a biotech company is aimed at tackling one of the most pressing global crises to date – food scarcity. The companies chose to develop their bioconversion strategy at a pilot farm in Malaysia because of the country’s abundance of the “black soldier” fly (Hermatia illucens) and the worldwide reach of its aquaculture industry. Haskell developed the facility’s preliminary process design.

A world where our food wastes are converted into protein.

Bioconversion is a process in which previously undervalued organic products, such as harvest waste, general food waste and food processing byproducts are converted into a value-added product – protein. Organic wastes are collected, ground and mixed to feed and breed the “black soldier” fly larvae, which is the ideal insect species for this process because it is non-invasive and harmless towards humans. The process takes about two weeks for the process to convert one kilogram of eggs into six tons of larvae. The process ends with the cleaning, washing, drying and grinding of larvae, which are transformed into flour, organic fertilizer, oil and protein. The finished product is used in the agricultural sector as fertilizer and for feed for chickens and fish.

Haskell’s role in creating a better tomorrow.

The team in Malaysia dedicated nine weeks to develop the preliminary design for the process building of the facility. The scope of the project included a process flow diagram, proposed building layout, process instrument diagram, general drawing and a single line drawing.

  • Haskell developed a preliminary design for process building of the bio-conversion facility
  • Delivered the project in 9 weeks
  • Optimized layout for material and people flow

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