Our engineers solve every project equation with deep exploration and innovative thinking.

Engineer a greater level of performance and value.

We believe in providing a start-to-finish construction management solution for capital projects. As part of our interdisciplinary approach, we offer clients a breadth of engineering resources and personnel who are deeply involved in project execution from concept to operation. It is our philosophy that an integrated approach produces the best solutions and greatest value for our clients.

We ensure constructability and quality at every stage.

We offer the benefits of specialization within markets combined with the benefits of specialization within disciplines. Haskell projects benefit from 600+ knowledgeable and professional civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, process and packaging engineers. They work in concert with architectural and construction teams to ensure seamless execution with the desired outcomes.


Traveling safely takes impeccably planned and carefully constructed infrastructure.

Much of America’s infrastructure was built decades ago. Many roads and bridges are deteriorating and reaching the end of their design life. Earnest and widespread infrastructure rehabilitation is essential to maintaining the reliability of our transportation system and our quality of life.

Selecting a site and navigating permitting and governmental procedures are the foundation of any project.

Haskell pioneered the integrated architecture, engineering and construction project delivery model. Offering in-house civil engineering services completes that model and provides for a greater degree of certainty of outcome. Our deeply talented and growing team of site engineering and infrastructure design professionals is a leader in providing collaborative, competent and cutting-edge solutions by leveraging our collective experience, passion for quality, and dedication to excellence.

We incorporate creativity and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle to electrifying your facility.

Electrical engineering is critical to both building design and all processes within a facility. Our team works with engineers across disciplines, focusing on providing our facilities with the most efficient and latest electrical systems in the market. Projects vary greatly, and our professionals provide creative solutions in the design of lighting, power and systems.

Haskell’s mechanical engineering teams create designs that ensure peak performance.

Mechanical systems provide utilities and maintain the indoor environments so your facility can operate at peak capacity. Haskell’s integrated mechanical team uses a structured process to design HVAC systems, utility systems, plumbing systems, and perform facility audits, commissioning and lifecycle cost analyses. Our team of mechanical engineers has the experience and skills to execute the design of these systems along with full integration with the other systems of the facility.

The mark of a highly effective system is one working both reliably and near total capacity.

Packaging-line design and development is a complex function affected by a wide variety of performance-related variables. Subtle differences in design can create wide swings in capacity, throughput and efficiency. Haskell understands these subtleties and creates systems that perform optimally to meet our clients’ needs. Our experience spans multiple markets and the resources of our specialists reflect the latest advancements in machine design and system integration.

Strong supply chains start with efficient, reliable manufacturing processing systems.

At Haskell, the ability to design and deliver sophisticated process systems, focused on client needs, is central to our total facility solutions strategy. Our clients count on us to design, deliver, and support systems that will give them an edge in an increasingly competitive environment. Haskell’s expertise in system design, procurement, and implementation ensures that process projects achieve production goals and align with organizational strategies.

Our structural engineers ensure that buildings and bridges stand strong amid the pressures of use and environment.

Structural engineering focuses on designing the framework of buildings and bridges to remain safe and stable amid the stresses of use and environment.  At Haskell, we have more than 30 structural engineers in six offices across the United States and Latin America. We have expertise and experience in bridges and buildings serving many sectors, including industrial, federal, aviation, state transportation and healthcare.

Optimized solutions allow you to install and operate systems that perform today while you plan for tomorrow.

Haskell provides a single-source automation solution for your business. Our reputation is built on our innovative approach and our expertise in industry standards and best practices. ’Haskell’s automation team provides expertise to utilities, food & beverage manufacturers, and process plants. We can reduce your risks, meet tight schedules, and keep your project within budget.

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A great deal of coordination and flexibility was required and Benham adapted to it well. The end result is a showcase state of the art brick plant probably second to none in the U.S. and maybe the world and Benham played a big part in both the details as well as making this happen."

Terry Schimmel
Vice President of Technical Services, Boral
Boral Brick kiln loading system

A great deal of coordination and flexibility was required and Benham adapted to it well. The end result is a showcase state of the art brick plant probably second to none in the U.S. and maybe the world and Benham played a big part in both the details as well as making this happen."

Terry Schimmel
Vice President of Technical Services, Boral
Interior of Boral Brick

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