With cross-disciplinary experience, we deliver healthcare solutions wherever our clients’ needs arise.

We provide the expertise and breadth of service to optimize each opportunity and overcome every challenge.

Healthcare systems must take into account unique requirements and dynamics as they undertake facility planning, construction and operations. With vast expertise across the spectrum of design and construction disciplines, Haskell excels at creatively solving our clients’ needs. Whether through integrated delivery that leverages our entire in-house team or individual services that address situational opportunities, we ensure the optimal outcome.

Our diverse skillset positions us to address your healthcare project needs, now and in the future.

Through the acquisition of acclaimed healthcare design firm FreemanWhite, Haskell buttressed its broad and deep experience in design and planning support. The creation of Catalyst allows an avenue to provide strategic counsel and operational consulting services focused on empowering healthcare systems. And the two can work in concert with Haskell Healthcare Construction, which possesses a wealth of industry expertise focused on building complex medical facilities. This three-pronged approach positions Haskell Healthcare as a one-of-a-kind service provider, as well as an experienced and trusted long-term advisor.


Our experts align facilities and operations to produce optimal results.

The Facility Planning team at Catalyst, a Haskell Company, translates clients’ vision and mission into physical environments that support efficient operations and the optimal patient experience. Then our Facility Operations team creates sustainable, organization-wide change through alignment, collaboration and innovative strategies and solutions that allow transformation from within. We help reduce the variables influencing the cost of patient care delivery.

Our mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare through design.

There is no more demanding or dynamic industry than healthcare, and with the acquisition of FreemanWhite and its century of experience in healthcare design, we know healthcare strategy and facilities like no one else. Our expertise spans the spectrum from primary care to proton therapy.

Our flexibility ensures the perfect means of project delivery.

Facility change in healthcare is unlike in any other environment. Successful construction in and around ongoing services requires deep understanding and diligence. With more than 100 full-time professionals completely committed to healthcare facility change, we understand the mission-critical nature of everything involved in a project.

Representative Clients

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Ocala Health Colored Logo
BayCare Colored Logo
Baptist Health Colored Logo
Ascension Colored Logo
Maryland Proton Treatment Center Colored Logo
Scripps Colored Logo
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Baptist Health appreciates the leadership, energy and commitment exhibited by Haskell."

Paul Singletary
Director of Plant Facilities and Construction, Baptist Health
Interior photo of Baptist Heart Hospital, looking out window and over balcony.

Baptist Health appreciates the leadership, energy and commitment exhibited by Haskell."

Paul Singletary
Director of Plant Facilities and Construction, Baptist Health
Interior photo of hospital room at Baptist Heart Hospital.

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