Manufacturing Systems Design & Integration

Achieve production benchmarks with optimal line performance and efficiency on the manufacturing floor.

Effective line strategies deliver results for world-class manufacturers.

Bringing new technologies or lean methodologies to production lines is a highly complex undertaking. Much is at stake when designing a new line or updating one that is already fully operational. Haskell’s experienced manufacturing design and execution team ensures performance while minimizing the project’s risk.

We help you achieve organizational goals and budget.

Our teams are a specialized resource to optimize system efficiency, throughput, reliability and minimize waste. In our collaboration with clients, we bring deep resources — manufacturing, process design, packaging and business — to bear. Whether measuring and assessing specific equipment needs or line effectiveness, our ultimate goal is to ensure success for your organization through sound strategy and tactical implementation.

Manufacturing Systems Design & Integration

The mark of a highly effective system is one working both reliably and near total capacity.

Optimized packaging systems are efficient yet flexible.

Packaging-line design and development is a complex function affected by a wide variety of performance-related variables. Subtle differences in design can create wide swings in capacity, throughput, accessibility and efficiency. Haskell understands these subtleties and creates systems that perform optimally to meet our clients’ needs. Our depth of experience spans multiple markets and our solutions reflect the latest advancements in line design and system integration.

Strong supply chains start with efficient, reliable manufacturing processing systems.

Process systems are at the heart of manufacturing operations.

At Haskell, the ability to design and deliver sophisticated process systems, focused on client needs, is central to our total facility solutions strategy. Our clients count on us to design, deliver and support systems that will give them an edge in an increasingly competitive environment. Haskell’s expertise in system design, procurement and implementation ensures that process projects achieve production goals and align with organizational strategies.

We employ state-of-the-art tools to craft a customized, integrated system.

Optimized solutions perform today and plan for tomorrow.

Haskell provides a single-source automation solution for your business. Our reputation is built on our innovative approach and our expertise in industry standards and best practices. ‘’Haskell’s automation team provides expertise to utilities, food and beverage manufacturers, and process plants. We can reduce your risks, meet tight schedules, and keep your project within budget.

Representative Clients

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This milestone is such a momentous achievement for Haskell... a start of a new era in Asia!"

David Murray
Senior Vice President and General Manager, PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours
PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours exterior

This milestone is such a momentous achievement for Haskell... a start of a new era in Asia!"

David Murray
Senior Vice President and General Manager, PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours
PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours interior

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