Vidant Medical Center Central Utility Plant

Greenville, North Carolina

New CUP fuels massive campus expansion.

Supporting growth through efficient systems.

Supporting the growth of the hospital, Haskell’s new Central Utility Plant provides domestic water, oxygen, fire protection, steam, chilled water, normal power, and emergency power services for 1.5 million sf of planned expansion on the east side of the campus. The plant is designed for 2,500 horsepower of boiler capacity (1,000 HP currently installed); 7,500 tons of chiller capacity (3,000 tons currently installed); and 14 megawatts of emergency power capacity (4 megawatts currently installed). Our design provides redundant capacity for steam, chilled water, and emergency power services.

Included within the Central Utility Plant is approximately 11,500 sf of space dedicated to Materials Management and Environmental Services. This space contains clean and soiled linen rooms, a clean supply loading dock, a soiled loading dock, and a medical waste loading dock. These spaces provide for supplies to be delivered to, and trash removed from, buildings on the east side of the hospital campus.

A 600-foot underground utility/materials management tunnel connects buildings on the east side of the hospital campus to the plant. Mechanical and electrical utilities and hospital supplies are conveyed through this tunnel.

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