Sacred Heart Hospital Physical Therapy

Pensacola, Florida

Expanding Rehab to Attract New Patients.

Determining bed need and best placement.

During our facility master plan for Sacred Heart Health System‘s Pensacola campus, Haskell provided strategic, operational, and facility recommendations based on the community’s needs and competitive market, projected future utilization, strategic goals, and the client’s initiatives.

A core component of the master plan was a review of the inpatient bed need. Not only does Pensacola support a growing population, but Sacred Heart Health System provides tertiary care support in the region for many clinical services. Haskell worked with Sacred Heart to develop a dashboard planning tool to identify the number of inpatient beds by service line and to forecast expected changes in bed need.  It also addressed the additional beds needed over the next decade to satisfy the growing demand for the level of quality and service that is provided at Sacred Heart. The final master plan recommendation included adding acute care beds to incrementally increase the percentage of private beds within established capital budgets.

The first phase of master plan implementation includes a 115-bed, five-story vertical expansion over an existing three-story structure. To support the expansion of orthopedic surgery and attract new patients, this project dedicates one full floor to patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. Supporting the 22 new ortho patient beds, the physical therapy program includes stations for increasing flexibility and stations that help patients learn how to function once returning home.

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