UHS Manatee Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

Bradenton, Florida

New emergency department enhances hospital image.

Creating a streamlined design for the largest emergency department in the county.

To accommodate the region’s growing population, Manatee Memorial Hospital commissioned a 33,000 sf addition to its emergency care center, making it the largest emergency department in the county. The new ED was designed to support up to 87,500 annual visits and provide community-based healthcare in an environment that fosters dignity, respect, and excellence.

With a goal of moving patients into a room and seen by a provider as quickly as possible, the ED uses a “fast-track” and “super-track” system based on each patient’s needs. It consists of 48 treatment spaces divided into two sections: one for patients with less critical conditions and one for patients who need more intensive medical treatment.

The space supports swift, comprehensive care by providing emergency personnel with convenient access to imaging services, surgery, cardiac catheterization labs, and the intensive care and medical/surgical units. The space also supports geriatric-friendly accommodations and specially designed behavioral health suites.

The design includes color-coded pods to improve wayfinding. Patient access was expanded by moving the ED’s “front door” to provide a dedicated drop-off drive that can accommodate vehicular stacking. In addition, a dedicated covered drive was added to support ambulance access and staging in response to growing utilization and frequency of arrival.

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