UHS Freestanding Emergency Room Program

Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Texas

A Fortune 500 healthcare provider has embraced DMC delivery for freestanding emergency department projects.

Universal Health Services, a Fortune 500 company that provides hospital and healthcare services throughout the United States, has been an early adopter of the Design Manufacture Construct (DMC) delivery model to create freestanding emergency department projects. Through the production and assembly of construction modules, DMC delivery has allowed UHS to create a standardized and repeatable design for multiple projects across the U.S. while adapting quickly to the differing regulatory requirements unique to each location. To achieve this goal, UHS partnered with BLOX, the company that pioneered the DMC methodology to set up this program. Haskell, a BLOX partner and investor, collaborates with BLOX throughout the process and performs the construction portion of the project, performing all site work and assembling the manufactured modules nationwide.

Manufactured modules are assembled to create full-featured care facilities.

The completed facilities at Anna, Texas, and Fruitville, Florida, are freestanding emergency departments with all the amenities of an acute-care facility, including medical gas, decontamination, and isolation rooms. The Anna location also incorporated an outpatient imagining suite into the project. These facilities include seven emergency beds, X-Ray, CT, MRI, mammography and ultrasound capabilities. Each project also includes a state-of-the-art nurse station with clearstory to allow ample natural light to enter the space. 

DMC delivery expedites the provision of vital services to communities.

The 14,000-square-foot facilities were certified and open to patients only seven months after breaking ground because of the efficiency of the DMC method. This allowed the services these emergency rooms provide to benefit the communities more quickly than if standard design and construction process would have been employed.

  • Modular off-site construction (BLOX)
  • Freestanding Acute Care Facility for UHS
  • Manufactured solution
  • Standardized Design
  • 14,000 SF building with a seven-month schedule
Vice President – Manufacturing Core

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