Tahoe Forest Hospital Emergency Department

Truckee, California

Improving patient privacy & satisfaction.

Part of the patient’s overall satisfaction.

Facing strategic and clinical challenges, Tahoe Forest Hospital initiated a master planning process to identify and resolve issues impacting the physical environment. Haskell reviewed TFH’s existing operations, utilization data, and service area demographics to validate that established strategic goals were in alignment with existing and projected utilization targets, population projections, and community support.

As part of this process, we developed future volume projections for the emergency department. Our growth assumptions were conservative and based on TFH’s historical compounded annual growth rate. These projections guided appropriate planning for departmental space needs and projected volume demands.

The emergency department expansion is sited to the north side of the existing ED with dedicated covered vehicular drop-off and pedestrian access. Combined with the remodeled existing department, the reconfigured ED provides 5 new exam rooms for a total of 18 treatment spaces, including fast-track, isolation, trauma, and behavioral health. Augmented support space, larger waiting area, and new private registration and triage areas address HIPAA-related concerns.

The treatment spaces and associated support spaces, waiting room and registration area are state-of-the-art and enable the hospital to accommodate patients’ immediate needs more effectively. Private registration addresses the concerns of census-related overloading of the ED and will potentially increase the patient satisfaction scores as they relate to privacy when registering for intake.

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