Integrated Project Delivery of an Emergency Department


An emergency department that addresses challenges.

Seamless coordination to complete a coordination.

The New Emergency Department Project was designed and constructed via an Integrated Project Delivery process. The Project process is governed through its 4 (four) core phases/ stages, which include:

  1. Validation,
  2. Design/Preconstruction,
  3. Construction and
  4. Facility Start-up/Move-In.


All such phases are governed by a Master Integrated Project Delivery Agreement (IPD Agreement) to which primary team members are signatories (CM, Architect, Owner, MEP Engineers, MP contractor, Electrical Contractor, Drywall Contractor). These primary team members have a combined responsibility to uphold the IPD Agreement terms.

The project consists of a new on-grade 34,000 square foot Emergency Department (ED), using approximately two (2) acres of existing parking and vehicular circulation on the campus along West 2nd street in Bradenton Florida. The project includes a dedicated Emergency Medical Services (EMS) covered drive access (3 spaces), staging and support areas for ED vehicles (8 spaces), as well as a canopy covered ED public drop off / entry.

The ED design consists of forty-eight (48) treatment spaces and is organized in four nursing team clinical care areas. Treatment spaces included: Twenty-four (24) Universal exam rooms divided into two (2) clinical care areas, which include three (3) Behavioral Health rooms, two (2) Resuscitation rooms, one (1) Bariatric Room, one (1) Sane/ Gynecology room, and two (2) negative pressure/contact isolation rooms: one (1) of which is designed to facilitate a high containment patient. Rapid care vertical triage spaces include eight (8) Fast Track rooms and sixteen (16) Super Track rooms, which are functionally able to flex as needed based on demand. Dedicated space for ED X-Ray and future CT (currently shell space) is also provided.

Staff connectivity to the existing facility is provided via a ramp down to the existing hospital ground level for access to imaging, surgery, Cath labs, as well as patient care areas such as ICU and Med/Surgical units. A staff convenience stair up to the first floor level is also provided. The ED is not intended to be the main hospital entrance after hours, and therefore does not have interior public access to the main hospital entry. Approximately 4k sf of renovation includes the ramp and stair, as well as the addition of offices and reworked corridors. Although a new generator was provided, all MEP / FP utilities were fed from the existing Hospital.

Challenge and Solution for the Client:

Being located on the River, the lower levels of the Hospital are prone to flooding, specifically the original ED as well as key electrical infrastructure. The challenge was to determine a location on the hospital campus for the new ED that would:

a) Support a 34k sf footprint.
b) Be above the flood plain level, but not exceed ADA accessibility site slopes.
c) Create connectivity back into the existing hospital (1950’s floor to floor heights).
d) Provide for a future rooftop Helistop to serve the new ED.
e) Provide a transition from the high-rise hospital to the adjacent residential neighbors.

Lasting benefits for the Client:

A larger modern ED was provided that meets all of our client’s needs, while delivering the project on time and on budget with the IPD Team.

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