Huntington Hospital Ambulatory Surgery Center

Pasadena, California

Room for growth.

Working through site constraints.

By moving outpatient surgery services off their main campus, Huntington Hospital freed up much needed OR space for their inpatient volume.

Haskell reconsidered the original plans to locate the ASC on the ground floor of the medical office building adjacent to the main hospital campus when we discovered that the ASC program did not fit the area provided for an ASC and that there were competing needs for the ground floor location.

Due to site constraints, Haskell’s operational analysis helped the design team determine the best patient flow and mix of space types. In the ASC design, process mapping and computer simulation modeling enabled designers to visualize patient flow in the new space and to maximize flexibility to support different patient needs and accommodate a future patient volume. We also used our operational tools to test the designs for the diagnostic and women’s imaging areas to ensure that the modalities planned were sufficient at higher volumes. Support areas such as registration and pre-admissions testing were also studied for their proximity to patient areas and overall size.

The building configuration was not ideal for an ASC design and required changing the preliminary double-loaded corridor core design to a single-loaded corridor design to create the operating suites. Haskell studied operational flow to develop patient flow from entry to pre-op to surgery to post op within the constraints of the existing shell.

Spa-like design amenities reduce the clinical atmosphere typically associated with a surgery center. Having designed other tenant spaces in the medical office building, Haskell was able to continue the architectural language throughout the building. The surgery suite was designed with future growth in mind.

Four state-of-the art fully integrated minimally invasive operating rooms have been fully outfitted, with two additional spaces for future operating rooms. Two spaces in the Post-Op area have the ability to swing into PACU use based on case type and nursing staff. The suite features a Just-In-Time Operating Case delivery methodology, complimented with a right-sized SPD department. A frozen section lab exclusive and adjacent to the ASC allows for expeditious test result delivery.

The project was successfully designed and subsequently approved by OSHPD as an OSHPD 3 Ambulatory Surgery Center ready for licensure under the hospital license.

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