Self Regional Cancer Center

Greenwood, South Carolina

Infill creates new center of excellence.

Central lobby/spine flanked by comprehensive services.

Identified in Haskell’s comprehensive campus facility master plan, this project expanded in place the existing and operational Oncology Center. Our primary goal was to establish a Center of Excellence resulting in unified oncology services for the community. This center houses medical oncology, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, and infusion therapy service centers. A dedicated entrance canopy opens onto a central lobby spine, which serves to orient each service center.

The medical oncology department provides lab functions, 15 exam rooms, physician offices, and business office functions in addition to staff support areas. The radiation oncology department was renovated around existing linear accelerators and simulator rooms, adding a high dose radiation room, four exam rooms, and offices/support spaces for clinical staff. Chemotherapy is comprised of 16 stations in 4 pods focused around a healing garden. Infusion therapy is comprised of 16 stations and is oriented to share staff support space with chemotherapy. A pharmacy is adjacent to the chemotherapy and infusion therapy departments. Also included are additional support spaces, such as conference rooms and family consult rooms intended to flex for intradepartmental use.

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