Englewood Health Intensive Care Unit Renovation

Englewood, New Jersey

State-of-the-art renovation improves safety and satisfaction.

State-of-the-art renovation improves safety and satisfaction.

Englewood Health’s original ICU was built in the early 1970s, and the hospital needed to revamp this outdated unit into a state-of-the-art ICU with 21 rooms, built to current codes. Completed as a renovation in-place, the design for the new ICU accommodates existing columns and electrical rooms that serve the ORs below, mechanical chases and ducts, and plumbing that serves the floors above and below.

The updated rooms include the latest technologies to promote staff and patient safety. Since lifting patients manually can cause muscle strain for staff, Englewood wanted every room in its upgraded unit to have a ceiling-mounted patient lift. In addition, every room is set up for patients who may need dialysis. To accommodate these patients, the headwall includes a water connection to eliminate the need to connect hoses to the sink across the room. Each room also includes a closet for the dirty hamper as well as a clinical sink. These simple additions improve the patient experience and prevent hazards from mobility and waste materials.

The updated ICU also includes the latest technological advancements. Tablets located just outside of every patient room door provide staff with crucial patient information, which is linked to the patient’s electronic medical records through Epic. The tablet also reminds staff to wash their hands and wear a mask before entering the room, and it alerts them if the patient is on either contact or airborne isolation and the PPE required for the type of isolation.

Staff use wireless scanners within the patient room to track medications and properly document the patient’s treatment. Interactive whiteboards on the footwalls display important information, such as the names of the care team, the patient activity level, and the patient’s daily schedule.

Denise Arzoomanian, Director of Nursing, Critical Care, said, “Working in collaboration with Haskell, our team was able to develop and build a brand new, state-art-of-the-art intensive care unit that meets the needs of our patients and the communities we serve.”

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