California Proton Cancer Therapy Center

San Diego, California

A highly advanced cancer treatment facility will offer revolutionary therapy.

For certain cancers, proton therapy offers a more precise and aggressive approach to destroying tumors. It involves the use of a controlled beam of protons to target tumors with control and precision unavailable in other radiation therapies. The California Proton Cancer Therapy Center is one of only a dozen such cancer treatment centers in the United States when it treated its first patient.

Leading-edge therapy calls for design and construction leadership.

The 102,500-square-foot outpatient center features a healing garden, outpatient clinic, diagnostic department and a patient treatment area all surrounding a patient friendly central grand lobby. The proton treatment equipment is housed in massive concrete bunkers that protect the surrounding areas from the radiation that is generated while extracting the proton beam from the state-of-the-art cyclotron and transporting it to the patient treatment areas. The design and construction of the spaces that house and support this technologically advanced equipment require precise planning and coordination with the equipment manufacturer, Varian Medical Systems. Computer based Building Information Modeling played a key role in integrating the complex network of mechanical, electrical and mass concrete shielding systems to support the proton treatment equipment.

We’re proud to partner with leading healthcare and cancer treatment providers.

The California Proton Cancer Therapy Center treated its first patient in June 2013 and is running at full capacity which benefits approximately 2,000 patients each year. Haskell is proud to have provided facility planning, design and construction services to leaders and innovators in the field of radiation oncology such as California Proton to help bring this technologically advanced treatment option to life for patients in Southern California and throughout the world.

  • 102,000-square-foot outpatient cancer treatment facility with one cyclotron, two fixed beam treatment and three rotational gantry treatment rooms.
  • Concrete walls and ceilings 15 feet thick provide structural support and shielding protection for the proton treatment equipment.
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