Making a major facility upgrade without making waves in production.

Like many line production facilities, this Tennessee manufacturer had for years relied on local water and wells for water to support the production process. At the same time, the facility created wastewater as part of their manufacturing operations. Today the manufacturer of Bush’s Beans has installed a system to reduce the impact on the local water supply by supplementing their non-food contact water source with reuse water from their waste treatment process.

Haskell brought design-build and process expertise to the table.

The joint venture team of Brown and Caldwell–Haskell provided architecture, structural and plumbing engineering services for the new 2.5 mgd reclamation facility, plus key services including construction management, accounting, procurement and contract management. The team collaborated on multiple design alternatives and comprehensive procurement strategies to deliver $10 million in savings to the Client.

Sustainability that furthers operational savings.

With the sustainable upgrade, the facility has ensured compliance with current and future state environmental and conservation requirements while incorporating sustainable practices that reduce long-term operating costs. What was formerly classified as production waste can now be harnessed, cleaned and distributed for use by the very process that creates it.

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