Brought together recently at Pack Expo, the mega trade show in Las Vegas, several of Haskell’s longtime equipment suppliers reflected favorably on the value of their partnerships.

November 1, 2021

Line Equipment Manufacturers Appreciate Partnering with Haskell

Suppliers say Haskell's expertise and collaborative approach with all project stakeholders ensure maximum value and the best possible solutions.


Consumers’ habits have changed drastically in recent years, steered by the pandemic, nutritional trends, environmental awareness and numerous other factors. As the Food & Beverage Manufacturing Contractor ranked No. 1 by Engineering News-Record two years in a row, Haskell stands shoulder to shoulder with many of the world’s largest companies as they navigate this shifting landscape.

Whether it’s helping a longtime Beer, Wine and Spirits partner adapt to skinny-can lines for new cocktail mixes or working with the fast-growing creators of plant-based meats and other proteins, Haskell’s subject-matter experts regularly help clients adapt their operations to keep pace with demand.

“We’re simply the best source to evaluate and inform manufacturers on what it will take to build or expand their platforms to take advantage of one of these market trends,” said Keith Perkey, Haskell Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions. “Our team members know what they are doing and ask the right questions to make the suppliers, projects, and ultimately the end customer successful.”

Haskell’s hallmark is its collaborative approach to facility solutions, and that includes collaboration not just with clients but with the suppliers and subcontractors whose equipment and effort go into any successful project.

Brought together recently at Pack Expo, the mega packaging and processing trade show in Las Vegas, several of Haskell’s longtime equipment suppliers reflected favorably on the value of their partnerships.

On behalf of another bedrock client, Haskell built a close relationship with Heat and Control, a leading manufacturer of custom industrial food processing, conveying, seasoning, weighing, packaging and inspection equipment. Chris Farver, Heat and Control’s Global Director for Controls and Information with Heat and Control, said working alongside Haskell’s engineering teams is a cut above other designers and integrators.

“Haskell is a great partner, and you’re able to produce a win for everybody,” Farver said. “With a lot of companies, you get this attitude that, ‘I’m the filter to the customer,’ and you don’t get the same level of cooperation. Haskell creates a great synergy among all the delivering parties.

“You feel like you’re in a foxhole with a partner.”

Container Handling Systems Corporation (CHSC) manufactures high-speed bulk depalletizes and conveyor systems. It specializes in turnkey systems with control logic and installation. If that sounds complex, that’s because it is. And CHSC President Pat Vincent said he knows that Haskell can handle it.

“Our experience has been working with a very knowledgeable, dependable engineering team that understands our industry, understands our customers and understands what value we add to the process,” Vincent said. “They've been able to help out with projects that we go into together, and it’s been a partnership more than a customer-supplier-type relationship.”

Further, Vincent said that he and his company shared Haskell’s qualifications- and relationship-based approach to customer acquisition and retention. Making price the first question, he said, consistently leads to the wrong answers.

“It's totally about value. If you're making any decision on price, you’re going to get what you pay for,” he said. “With our equipment. It’s something that they will have for 20 or 30 years. The process may change in the future, and then they need to have someone to work with to change those machines to accommodate the new process and so forth. So, it's a lot more than just price, and understanding the value that every portion of that team brings makes what the final result should be.”

Paul Langen, owner of AFA Systems, has spent more than 40 years in the packaging automation industry and can vouch for the level of Haskell’s expertise.

“From our perspective, Haskell comes knowing technology, knowing what they want,” Langen said. “They come with legitimate applications, and they've vetted the application so that that we know what the best machine is that we can supply. Their knowledge base, their experience, their overall expertise in the industry are why we enjoy working with Haskell.”

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