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July 7, 2017

5 Strategies to Ensure Integration in Packaging Line Automation


Packaging requires a wide array of machinery and systems, usually made by different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to successfully and efficiently produce goods.

Most OEMs supply only their piece of the puzzle, so engaging a partner to implement reliable packaging and material handling automation solutions is critical to making your line function seamlessly.

Incorporating additional layers of communication ensures that OEM equipment is fully integrated, improves overall line balance and maximizes critical data interface to reporting systems. Additionally, it’s crucial that you understand your controls platform in order to design and integrate a system that is familiar to the maintenance team, reduces spare-part costs and ultimately improve overall performance.

Haskell’s teams of packaging experts achieve hits these marks, whether with a new or existing line, by following a simple strategy.

  • Enforce client or Haskell controls standards with each OEM to develop a common controls platform.
  • Use real-world values, such as product size, conveyor width and maximum conveyor speed, to control the system.
  • Incorporate product recipes that make the system flexible and allow personnel without a controls background to securely maintain existing products or add products.
  • Keep programmable logic controller (PLC) logic simple and easy to follow.
  • Present operators with the information they need on the human-machine interface (HMI) to understand their current status and avoid nuisance warnings and alarms that become a distraction.

All of these practices result in an automation system that is reliable, flexible and easy-to-operate, and doesn’t require a full-time engineering service to support.

If you are interested in bridging islands of automation on an existing or new line, contact Don Kocher via email,

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