Saint Thomas Hospital Center for Health & Wellness

Nashville, Tennessee

Focusing on treating the whole patient.

Embracing mind, body and spirit.

The Saint Thomas Center for Healing represents a dramatic transformation of Saint Thomas Hospital’s existing integrative medicine services. As part of an extensive renovation of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the re-imagined wellness center will create a destination point for post-acute care rehabilitation and wellness. The center’s proximity to other Saint Thomas services makes it a particularly valuable resource for oncology and cardiac patients.

The cornerstone of the project is a 2,500 sf Center for Healing, which houses an integrative medicine suite in a spa-like, relaxing environment. Focusing on holistic treatment of body, mind and spirit, the center will offer acupuncture, a variety of massage therapies, mind-body counseling, individual nutrition programs, and mindfulness-based support groups for people dealing with cancer diagnoses.

The interior design is an important aspect of this renovation. The center will incorporate wood, stone, and other natural materials; warm-toned flooring in treatment rooms; and soothing music and lighting. A beverage station and small retail area providing therapy books and health and wellness materials will complement the redesigned waiting area.

Associated projects include the interior renovation of the 9,700 sf wellness center and the 2,500 sf cardiac rehabilitation suite. Male and female locker rooms in the wellness center will undergo a detailed renovation. All of the center’s primary public corridors will be refinished to create a unified, soothing atmosphere throughout the Center for Health & Wellness.

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