LiDestri Pennsauken Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pennsauken, New Jersey

Increased production impacts wastewater.

Haskell completed previous projects for LiDestri, so when an issue with their wastewater arose, they knew who to call. Haskell was selected to design and construct a new wastewater pretreatment system for LiDestri Food & Drink at their Pennsauken, New Jersey facility. The facility had been discharging wastewater with high concentrations of BOD and COD in addition to pH swings below and above the permitted limit that resulted in an administrative consent order to implement wastewater treatment.

Maximizing capital investment by developing design around pre-purchased equipment.

LiDestri had purchased equipment for another one of their facility’s wastewater treatment.  Due to production changes, the facility no longer needed it. Haskell was able to use the equipment in the Pennsauken Facility to maximize LiDestri’s previous capital investment and reduce the cost for the new wastewater treatment required. Haskell designed the ancillary components necessary to complete the system and install this equipment to bring them into compliance all while keeping the facility fully functional.

  • Equalization tank
  • Influent pump station
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Microfiltration and RO systems
  • Effluent and overflow flow metering
  • Sludge holding tank

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