Nestlé Purina Wastewater Treatment Facility Relocation

Allentown, Pennsylvania

When growth impacts essential utilities, innovation is vital.

Haskell was chosen to provide design-build services for Nestle Purina’s primary wastewater treatment facility (PWWTF). Growth and expansion within their Allentown, Pennsylvania facility required precious real-estate that was currently being used for wastewater treatment. The facility had undergone many expansions over the years and left components of the wastewater system landlocked. Haskell evaluated options for the new PWWTF and ultimately the existing maintenance building was selected.

Now that we know where, how?

Once the new PWWTF location was selected the challenge shifted to how to implement the new system while maintaining a fully functional production facility. The new PWWTF required more space than the existing structure so a new precast building was constructed adjacent to the existing maintenance building.  This project included a manhole/lift station, so wastewater can be transferred from the existing underground tank landlocked in the production building to the new PWWTF.  The process sewer was maintained separately from the sanitary wastewater by providing a new dedicated underground process wastewater sewer from the production area to the new PWWT building and to the existing secondary treatment. The existing sanitary sewers remained as is to handle the restroom and locker room wastewater. Downstream of the PWWTF, the wastewaters are combined at the existing secondary treatment facility.

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