A new children’s hospital years in the making had very demanding location.

Confined sites are usually a given in urban projects. The site for Wolfson Children’s Hospital was one such logistical juggling act. A parking structure, energy plant, and other buildings, many of which required continual access by patients, visitors and employees, surrounded the new hospital site. Getting the new center completed safely and well built was paramount — so the hospital turned to Haskell for construction management services.

The complex building is the nucleus of a regional pediatric healthcare consortium.

The hospital provides the most up-to-date care for children in 92 beds ranging from pediatric intensive care to medical/surgical. Value engineering on the project played an important role in the cost efficient delivery of this facility. Elevated walkways and underground connectors join every children’s hospital department to central services and administration at Baptist Medical Center, saving an estimated $3.5 million in annual operation and staffing costs.

We were pleased to successfully deliver for the hospital’s patients and caregivers.

As construction manager, Haskell controlled costs and maintained scheduling for the construction and renovations. The result is an impressive, leading-edge facility. In fact, few facilities match the services for investment of Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

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