LEAN Processes

What is a Kaizen Event?

How to create the most successful environment for your team.

Kaizan is a process that humanizes the workplace, eliminates overly hard work, and teaches people how to perform their work more efficiently. This event is designed to help team members learn how to spot and eliminate waste in their business process. Being ‘lean’ is about creating a culture of continuous, aligned improvements and standardization that yield higher productivity.

Health Systems have many goals to accomplish within this event. To focus time, subgroups are utilized. Subgroup categories can include: Mother/Baby, Labor and Delivery / C-Section, Intake/Discharge, Special Care Nursery, and Master Plan. Within each subgroup, a fishbone diagram is utilized to demonstrate the flow from raw material to finish products. The team analyzes the map and identifies key words for each branch. This map feeds into the development of the existing operations. The goal of Day 1 is to confirm the current programs.

After a detailed outline of each of the subgroups’ program have been addressed, departmental goals are formed. Day two is about turning the department’s operations and goals into a space that will help the clinicians and staff accomplish these goals. Key adjacencies are established between areas, concept fits in overall space program and within desired building / site options are evaluated.

Based on the previous two days of work, a master plan site model is developed. Departmental adjancy diagrams and room by room design iterations are developed.

Putting the goals, thoughts, and designs to the physical test. Full size mock-ups and simulations are created to give staff an actual feel of space. Top attributes of the design will be confirmed or redefined through this process.

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