Wolfson Center for Mothers and Infants – Labor and Delivery

Jacksonville, Florida

Renovating maternity suites in an active acute-care facility presented a logistical challenge.

Newly renovated maternity suites would provide a soothing and comfortable environment for new mothers, matching the state-of-the-art care they already received at Baptist Medical Center. The six-month renovation took place within an active acute-care campus with high traffic and limited access.  

Crew members adhered to stringent procedures, as infection control was paramount.

The construction team used a dedicated elevator with one direct traffic pattern to the secured entrance and exit of the unit. The crew often worked nights to accommodate the client with patients’ best interests in mind. This project included an anteroom/clean booth between the construction site and the occupied air spaces to ensure no air transfer between the areas. Noise, water, pollutants and infection control measures required stringent procedures that were implemented and closely monitored.  

Our expertise allowed precise project delivery.

The renovation included drywall, ceilings, headwalls and headwall systems, footwalls, electrical systems and an HVAC system. The procurement of these long-lead systems required technical knowledge, early procurement and strategic implementation in order to stay on schedule.  

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