PepsiCo Chicago Sustainability Center

Chicago, Illinois

With this project, Haskell entered a new era of design-build for a sustainable future.

Our sustainability work on the PepsiCo Plaza Headquarters in Chicago marked the first LEED-EB certification in Haskell history, earning the Platinum designation. With a holistic approach to water savings, solid waste reduction, energy efficiency and client wellbeing, the 17-story, 460,000-square-foot corporate office building stands as a testament to the positive impact that businesses can have on the environment and their communities when they prioritize responsible and eco-conscious practices.

An all-of-the-above approach made the building environmentally solid on numerous fronts.

The design and construction of this remarkable facility considered virtually every aspect of consumption and disposal to affect positive change throughout.

  • Innovative water-saving technologies and practices produced water consumption that was 37% below the regulated minimum.
  • By diverting 70% of the total solid waste stream generated within the building through recycling, we made substantial progress toward promoting a circular economy and reducing the landfill burden.
  • Carefully designed energy-efficient systems and sustainable practices produced a remarkable 10% reduction in energy use compared to the previous year, realizing cost savings and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.
  • Prioritizing the client’s well-being, we ensured that 90% of regularly occupied spaces received natural daylight. This reduced our reliance on artificial lighting and created a more pleasant and productive work environment.
  • Incorporating a green cleaning policy into the maintenance program and using eco-friendly cleaning products and practices ensured a healthier workspace and minimized our ecological footprint.

Implementation of a Green Team reinforced the commitment of the project.

PepsiCo’s efforts continued beyond the completion of the project. The company established an internal PepsiCo Chicago Green Team to drive continuous improvement in our sustainability initiatives. This dedicated team collaborates on various strategies to further reduce energy consumption and waste generation and increase recycling rates within the building, keeping us committed to our sustainability goals.

Haskell played a crucial role in making the sustainability vision a reality. Our Green and LEED Certification Consulting Services provided invaluable guidance and expertise, helping PepsiCo navigate the path to achieving LEED-EB certification.

  • First LEED-EB Certified facility for Haskell and first LEED Certified corporate office for PepsiCo
  • Self-generated power from wind and solar
  • Water usage 37% below the regulated minimum
  • 70% of total solid waste stream is recycled
  • 10% reduction of energy use from the previous year
  • 90% of regularly occupied spaces lighted by natural daylight
  • LEED-CI Platinum

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