Nestlé Ozarka Facility Disaster Recovery

Hawkins, Texas

A natural disaster brought a major production facility to a standstill.

When a devastating tornado ripped through Nestlé Waters’ (Nestlé) bottling facility in Hawkins, Texas, production came to an abrupt standstill. The roof and interior walls were badly damaged, as well as the rooftop mechanical units and exterior lights. Nestlé called on Haskell, which originally built the 403,000-square-foot facility, to help get operations back up and running.

Before the storm, this facility was a design-build success for Haskell and Nestlé Waters.

Haskell was initially contracted by Nestlé years earlier to construct this greenfield, spring-fed water bottling and distribution facility for the company’s Ozarka Spring brand. The scope included five miles of spring water line piping, seven borehole buildings and an immediate pumping station. Through the time savings afforded by the design-build delivery model, we were able to achieve joint occupancy in just 4.5 months, finishing ahead of schedule and under budget. The facility also met the criteria for Silver LEED certification.

We helped get Nestlé back up and running in record time.

Nestlé faced mounting revenue losses when the tornado rendered its seven bottling production lines inoperable. Haskell arrived with urgency and began repairs that included new structural steel, metal siding, roofing, dock doors and replacement HVAC equipment. Through expert scheduling and execution, our team had the facility back in full production within 49 days of the disaster. While on site, Haskell also provided additional services to upgrade the facility’s drainage.

  • 403,000 SF
  • Spring-fed water bottling process facility with an integral distribution center
  • Original scope was for a design-build, greenfield facility that included five miles of spring water line piping, seven borehole buildings and an intermediate pumping station
  • Facility was awarded Silver LEED® Certification
  • Joint occupancy was reached in 4.5 months and the entire project was completed in 9 months, ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Several years after completion, the facility was badly damaged in a tornado, Haskell was contracted to provide critical repairs
  • Work included replacing the damaged roof, the CMU interior walls, the rooftop mechanical units, and the exterior lights in the facility
  • While these repairs were underway, Nestlé also asked Haskell to upgrade the drainage system on the facility
  • LEED® Silver Certification
Vice President of Business Development, Planning & Development

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