Niagara Bottling

Salinas Victoria, Nuevo León, México

Niagara wanted to expand quickly into Mexico’s growing bottled-water industry.

Niagara, the United States’ leading private-label bottled water company, chose to place its first international bottling plant in Salinas Victoria, a city in the center of the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Placing the 456,000-square-foot facility at the Interpuerto Monterrey industrial park gave Niagara to two main seaports and border towns via two Class A railroads.

Haskell expedited the entire project, providing design-build and EPC services

Intending to quickly create an entirely new state-of-the-art facility comprising two production lines, warehouse capacity and office space, Niagara engaged Haskell as its design-build partner, as well as its Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) provider to design and implement the lines. Each line accommodated injection molding, blow molding, filling and packaging, water processing and utility systems, producing packaged cases of water-filled plastic bottles.

Haskell has proven a trusted partner as Niagara has expanded swiftly grown its Mexican operation.

Haskell’s Latin America team began work in August 2015, and by applying its signature integrated delivery methods, Haskell delivered the project on schedule, completing work in May 2016. The Salinas Victoria facility was the first of two for Niagara in Mexico and was a successful first step in the company’s plans to produce and supply its goods throughout the Mexican territory, and to produce labeled water for major retail and wholesale stores. Based on its performance in Nuevo Leon, Haskell provided completely integrated delivery of the subsequent facility, near Mexico City.

  • Design and build of 450,000 SF warehouse bottling plant.
  • First international project from Niagara placed in Mexico, in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
  • Bottling plant will be made u of two (2) production lines which will produce packaged cases of water filled plastic bottles.
  • Each line will be composed of injection molding, blow molding, filling & packaging, water process, utility systems.
Vice President of Business Development, Planning & Development

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