Rachel Curry, second from right, is pictured with her husband, Ed, and their sons Mason and Ryan.

April 3, 2023

‘Unfailingly Dependable’ Rachel Curry Given Living the Values Award

No job is too big or too small for Haskell's Director of Operational Support, who most recently helped roll out a vital enterprise-wide CRM system.


As Haskell’s Director of Operational Support, Rachel Curry deals in solutions. Her latest involved implementing an enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. And if that sounds like a big deal, it’s because it is.

The system manages, tracks and stores information related to current and potential customers, projects and resources using a centralized, data-driven software solution.

“I came in at the tail end of the project, and my involvement came when we were operationalizing the use,” Curry said. “The design of the system was successfully developed by another team. We were asked to implement, get across the enterprise into one system and support those new users, taking Haskell from multiple CRMs to one CRM with robust capabilities.

“It has been a process as it is with any large company. Now, this is being refined. The business usage is coming together.”

The project is another sign of Curry’s effectiveness, noted by Brooke Jones-Chinetti, Haskell’s Director of Learning, Development and Engagement, who nominated Curry for the company’s Living Values Award.

“Rachel is a consummate team player and the backbone of many projects that are important to Haskell's growth and success,” Jones-Chinetti said. “She is quick to provide thoughtful and encouraging feedback while still pushing those around her to think differently and achieve more. No project is too complex or challenging, and no task is too small where Rachel won’t lend a hand or an ear. I've had the opportunity to work with her in various situations over the past two years, and I’ve constantly discovered her to be trustworthy, productive and unfailingly dependable.  If Rachel is at the helm – or even involved – in a project, I know it will be a success.”

Curry says learning the perspective and responsibilities of other groups has been essential to her success.

“I think what’s been critical in my experience so far has been being able to look across the different groups,” Curry said. “That was one thing from the time our operations team came into being is that we were dealing with multiple delivery groups that did things a little bit different from each other. And so, we were always having to look across and make sure whatever we published as the process was vetted across those different groups.”

Curry was meant to work for Haskell. An Orange Park, Florida, native she interned with Haskell while studying Construction Management at the University of North Florida before joining the company full-time. Soon after starting work, she met Marine Division Leader Ed Curry. The two married a few years later, have two teenage boys – both home-schooled by Rachel and Ed – and two dogs. Spending time away at the Utah home of Rachel’s parents, four-wheeling, hiking and visiting National Parks is a family tradition that moves away from the daily work routine.

“Winning the Living Values Award means so much to me,” Curry said. “The company is like a family to us. I strive to support others at the workplace and love helping people. To see that I’m appreciated and seen, that’s very validating and inspires me even more.”

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