Zary Paretz, center, is pictured with her fiancé, Aaron McCausland, and her mother, Lisa Scheller, after scuba diving for lobsters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Peretz focuses on analytics for Haskell’s broad range of engineering disciplines.

June 1, 2023

As Her ‘Authentic Self,’ Zary Peretz Earns Living the Values Award

The System Analytics Project Engineer values her collaborative, cross-disciplinary role and the caring culture of her Haskell teammates.


As a Project Engineer with Haskell’s System Analytics (SA) team, Zary Peretz has found a perfect fit for her combined interest in manufacturing and business.

“I grew up in manufacturing in the ‘Bring Your Kid to Work’ day,’” Peretz said from her Atlanta office. “I always went and saw the fork trucks working and how everything was built. I have always loved understanding how things are made. And I think that really drove me to want to be a part of that.”

Peretz has deep ties to the family-owned Silberline Manufacturing Company of Lansford, Pennsylvania, one of the top global suppliers of pigments in the automobile industry and other sectors. Silberline was founded in 1945 by her great-grandfather, Ernest Scheller, Sr., an Austrian immigrant. The company then was headed by his son, Ernest, Jr., and most recently, Peretz’s mother, Lisa. Peretz graduated from Georgia Tech with a double major in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Business Administration in 2017.

Zary Peretz took a great interest in how companies are built and the interaction between co-workers. Speaking with a Haskell corporate recruiter as she sought her first position out of college, she found the culture welcoming.

“The people I met through the interview process I felt were really genuine and really cared about each other,” Peretz said. “It was the first time I had come into a corporate world where people were so public and open about mental health, and that was incredibly important to me.”

Peretz focuses on analytics for Haskell’s broad range of engineering disciplines. A recent H-E-B Grocery project in Texas was particularly rewarding, she said, because it was highly interdisciplinary.

“It was one of the first times that I was able to work completely cross-functionally,” she said. “I worked with facilities, process, packaging, civil engineering and others. That enabled me to see a whole different group in Haskell, what they do and how I could be valuable across the board. I have a strong analytical background, but I don’t know how to make milk, and I don’t know utilities. It required a real collaboration and created a stronger deliverable for the customer.”

Peretz recently received Haskell’s Living Values Award, given quarterly to those who consistently display Haskell’s core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

“Zary has taken a leadership role on the team, initiating new and innovative solutions, mentoring interns and junior engineers and educating our own team members around the capability of the SA team,” reads her nomination, submitted by Stephen Wilkes, Douglas Lee. Bela Jacobson, Shannon Browning, Michael Smith and Len Roche. “She does such an excellent job that clients have chosen to give us more work (United, HEB, Hilmar and more). She is very honest about what she does not know and values perspective from everyone in the organization, regardless of role.”

Peretz took the honor to heart because of the team’s intrinsic relationships with each other and their clients.

“It was really special because I try really hard to be my authentic self,” she said. “That’s one of the principles I live by to build trust and integrity. It’s really overwhelming that people I work with recognize that.”

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