Jeremy Randall is pictured aboard the USS Nebraska and as a Haskell Senior Quality coordinator.

November 16, 2023

Veteran Goes from Nuclear Subs to “a More Well-Rounded” Engineer

Get to know Haskell Senior Quality Coordinator Jeremy Randall, who transitioned from 16 years in the Navy to spearheading AEC excellence. 


Haskell’s Senior Quality Coordinators, responsible for ensuring that projects achieve the highest possible standards, come from varied backgrounds and have deep expertise in a wide range of subject matter.

Jeremy Randall, Haskell’s Senior Coordinator and a specialist in Electrical Engineering, was formerly a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy who contributed to emergency-action procedures for nuclear submarines and the Nuclear Decision Handbook contained by the Presidential Emergency Satchel – otherwise known as the “Black Book” in the “Nuclear Football.”

It sounds high-powered, and it is. But Randall didn’t set out intending to shape naval and nuclear warfare. The Midland, Texas, native joined because of the Navy College Fund, which offered $40,000 in educational assistance.

“I chose submarine duty because, honestly, I received more money for college,” he said. “But it was a good fit. I’m not exactly the most formal person. Submarines worked for me because you only need to focus on getting the job done. You don’t have to worry about what you look like; they just care about you finishing the job.”

He enlisted as a nuclear electrician and, after graduating at the top of his class from Nuclear Power School in Charleston, South Carolina, was asked to become an instructor in nuclear reactor operations.

“I taught electricians how to run the electrical plant with regards to paralleling electrical gear, pointing out criticality, and coordination between the electric and reactor plant control panels,” he said.

He was chosen to participate in the nuclear enlisted commissioning program and simultaneously attended North Carolina State. Commissioned as an ensign and equipped with his electrical engineering degree, he served as a junior officer on the USS Nebraska, where he was once again singled out for special duty, this time with U.S. Strategic Command in Omaha.

“My captain nominated me to go out to Omaha, Nebraska, and work on the nuclear decision handbook,” he said. “Not only was it a cool job, but my wife’s family is from there, so I was able to have the family aspect living there as well,” he said.

Randall served as the Chief Engineer on the USS Georgia for a tour and completed his career in the Navy as the Operations Officer at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay. Back and knee problems ended his submarine career and led to a medical discharge.

“There are many different facets to an electrical engineering degree,” he said. “You can do communications, power, semiconductors. I fell into power and liked it.”

He moved to Jacksonville, Florida, to be the Senior Electrical Engineer for Fleet Readiness Center Southeast. He was the electrical project lead for the renovation of Fleet Readiness Center Hangar 101, the 89,000-square-foot hangar at Naval Air Station Jacksonville built in 1940. Haskell was the design-builder on the project, and both sides found it a match.

As a Senior Quality Coordinator, Randall has a hands-on role in ongoing projects, identifying hazards, mitigating problems and facilitating lessons learned that prevent repeating mistakes.

“I prefer to be hands-on and get my hands in gear, equipment, etc.,” he said. “There is a new problem every day, and with it, a new solution to find. The job also takes me out of my comfort zone. I'm very good at electrical power distribution and controls, OK at concrete, steel, etc. This job makes me a more well-rounded engineer – and I couldn't stay in the office looking at a screen using Revit all day.”

His time in the Navy taught him many lessons, the most valuable of which set him up perfectly for where he is now.

“Don’t be afraid to say, ‘I don’t know,’” he said. “It’s okay not to know. People will respect you more if you ask for help, so incorporate learning into your everyday life.”

Honoring Our Veterans
Haskell proudly employs veterans of the United States Armed Forces and currently employs more than 100 team members who previously served our country. To commemorate Veterans Day, is spotlighting one of them daily this week. Additionally, Haskell annually presents each veteran on our team with a special thank-you gift.

As Haskell grows across the United States, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region to meet the needs of new and existing clients, veterans continue to play an ever-increasing role. Those who have served our nation understand mission, structure, results and accountability. They are a perfect fit with Haskell’s core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

Are you interested in transitioning from the military to a career with a vibrant, growing company that provides nearly unlimited opportunities? Contact us to learn more.

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