Assistant Project Manager Aljeane Salazar joined Haskell a year ago. She focuses on Construction Management, procurement and ensuring that her projects are on schedule.

March 11, 2024

Living the Values Recipient Salazar is a Proactive Problem Solver

Learn how Haskell APM Aljeane Salazar integrates teamwork, excellence, and community service into daily life, setting new standards for success.


Aljeane Salazar has found her niche, both at work for Haskell as an Assistant Project Manager (APM) in the Philippines and as a dedicated volunteer away from her career. Her focus has always been on the team and others.

“It’s the first time in my professional career that I have had this kind of team,” Salazar said. “I really enjoy the team-building we go through here at Haskell – hanging out in free time after work, eating together, things like that. It builds the closeness and camaraderie of the team, and that makes me very happy. That really impacts the work we do together.”

Salazar joined Haskell a year ago and was promoted in October to her current role, which focuses on construction management, procurement and ensuring that her projects are on schedule.

In just her first year, she has so impressed her team that they nominated her for, and she has received, the company’s Living the Values Award, given quarterly to Haskell employees who consistently display Haskell’s corporate values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

“I didn’t expect that honor,” she said. “It’s quite overwhelming to receive such an award. I had no idea that it would be me.”

“She exemplifies excellence in every task she undertakes, demonstrating an unyielding dedication to quality in all aspects of her work,” Project Manager Sean Burns wrote in the nomination letter. “She works diligently to keep her area’s goals in mind and is continuously looking for ways to find solutions to difficulties or challenges before they become setbacks on the project site.”

Salazar serves as a “Barangay Kagawad,” which is an elected community councilor. She supports area youth by promoting sports in her district. In that role, she has shared her passion for badminton, a sport she plays twice weekly in a local club and in tournaments throughout the Philippines.

“I am really into playing badminton,” Salazar said. “The sport requires stamina and technique, and it’s also a mind game to defeat your opponent.”

“Beyond the office walls, she extends her service-oriented spirit to the community, showcasing a genuine desire to make a positive impact,” Burns wrote. “She recently organized a charity event for a disadvantaged school in the Philippines. During the event, she helped raise 30,000 pesos and had an entire day planned with the school to distribute materials and have fun with the kids. She even organized a friendly basketball game between the local best players vs. our Haskell team. She also donates her time to teach disadvantaged teen girls how to play badminton, often spending her own money to buy them equipment.”

The school Salazar assisted is the one where she graduated. She liked math, passed scholarship tests and was the eventual valedictorian of the school before earning her college degrees. She is happy to give back and help current students follow in her footsteps.

“Making solutions and finishing the Project and simultaneously serving the community is a fulfillment for me,” she said. “Just to finish and make solutions, both in work and at the school, that is rewarding.”

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