Louis Mendlowitz, pictured with, from left, daughters Evelyn and Zoe and his wife, Marnie, says he is intentional about helping others the way mentors, coaches and peers have helped him.

May 30, 2023

Mindful of Others, Louis Mendlowitz Receives Living the Values Award

Teammates laud the Senior Integration Manager for his fresh perspective and dedication to excellence in creating Manufacturing Solutions.


When Louis Mendlowitz considers his nearly 30 years as an engineer with three large American companies, the past two with Haskell, he thinks of others -- of those who have helped him and those whom he can help.

“I had some very good mentors, coaches and peers along the way,” said Mendlowitz, Senior Integration Manager on Haskell’s Automated Manufactured Systems team. “One of the things that’s important to me is to return to others what they did for me. Developing people, helping them learn the technology, helping them understand how to manage projects, how to lead projects, how to work with other design disciplines or work with contractors and project managers, is something I enjoy doing. That’s what motivates me.”

Mendlowitz, a Pennsylvania native, exemplified this recently when he volunteered to be the on-call packaging resource during the holidays so that others could enjoy the festive season. With his current home in York, Pennsylvania, “the project was a 2 ½ hour drive for me, so it was easier for me to cover it than for someone from Atlanta or Los Angeles.”

That’s an essential reason a team of eight colleagues nominated Mendlowitz for the company’s Living the Values Award, given quarterly to those team members who consistently display Haskell’s core values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

“Louis brings his knowledge and best practices from other industries and consistently improves and challenges the way things are done, with new and fresh perspectives,” the nomination said. “He is dedicated to excellence through all aspects of the project and supports the team in their efforts to deliver excellence as well. He strives to ensure that the root causes of problems are discovered and addressed and is never satisfied with poorly aligned or half-solutions. He goes above and beyond normal job expectations to develop tools, opportunities and training content for the team.”

Mendlowitz took his first job as an engineer out of college at the University of Missouri-Rolla (now Missouri University of Science and Technology). He spent his first 15 years with Anheuser-Busch and then 12 years with McCormick Spices in Hunt Valley, MD, north of Baltimore.

“With packaging equipment, you can see the product going into the bottle, can, pouch, or box” Mendlowitz said. “The label goes on the bottle, the bottle goes in the box, the box goes out the door. I like the mechanical equipment side of things and the technology that goes with it. I’m sure when you go to the grocery and check out certain Anheuser Busch or McCormick products, I know I was directly involved with some aspect of how it looks and how it made it to that shelf.”

Mendlowitz looks forward to his move south “to get away from plowing, blowing and shoveling snow.” He also looks forward to his younger daughter soon receiving her doctorate from Slippery Rock University and adding to the post-graduate degrees obtained by his wife and older daughter.

He appreciates the meaning of the Living the Values Award and the coworkers who acknowledged him.

“It’s very humbling and meaningful to know that I’m making an impact,” Mendlowitz said of his recent recognition. “That applies to the company and the other team members.”

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