Living the Values Award recipient Sal Bonetti is pictured with his wife, Raeanna.

December 29, 2023

Living the Values Recipient Sal Bonetti a Reassuring Tech Presence

Discover the former soldier, sailor and sheriff’s deputy serves fellow team members with discipline, technical expertise and a calming demeanor.


Sal Bonetti has the experience and demeanor to explain that a computer breakdown isn’t the be-all, end-all.

“Being a retired jet engine mechanic and law enforcement officer, I can tell people that airplane crashes and car crashes kill people,” Bonetti explained. “Computer crashes don’t kill people. ‘I promise you that you will leave this situation for the better,’ is what I say.

“I think that makes the person who is having the computer issues a little more at ease about what’s going on, not so uptight.”

Bonetti transitioned from a 24-year military career – in both the Army and Navy – to law enforcement in Clay County, Florida, and finally, to a role as an IT Technician at Haskell’s Jacksonville headquarters. The Staten Island, N.Y., native is a trusted voice and problem-solver, and he recently received the Living the Values Award, given quarterly to Haskell team members who consistently display Haskell’s corporate values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust.

“He is one of the first people here in the office every single morning,” Administrative Assistant Danielle Martin wrote in nominating him. “He is constantly up and around the building, working with team members from all departments to make sure their equipment is working properly. He never fails to go above and beyond when stopped in the hall to answer questions or give a helpful tip. Sal even puts out the Tech Tip of the Month to make everyone’s job and life a little easier. Sal is one of those Team Members who make Haskell such an amazing company to work for.”

When a medical condition sustained in the Gulf War forced him to retire from law enforcement, he chose to pursue a new career in the IT field, which had intrigued him for years.

“It was basically a hobby since I had been interested in how computers worked way back in the 1980s,” Bonetti said. “IT is such a vast field, especially the way tech advances continually. It always supersedes itself. If one part is faster than another, that part breaks. Circuit boards. Hardware. There are so many facets that must come together.”

After earning his associate’s degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville, he entered the private sector for the first time, first maintaining computers at Nemours Children’s Health System, then at Haskell as a contractor until taking a full-time role in 2020.

“Most of my life has always been structured,” Bonetti said. “I’ve always had a book that tells me what I need to do. No shades of gray. It was hard to shift into the corporate world since I was so driven by what was in the book. Haskell is probably the best company outside of that structured lifestyle. I get it done, and I have room to breathe. Once I figure it out, I run like the Energizer Rabbit.”

He had to slow down briefly to receive his honor, which he said was completely unexpected.

“I was floored, and I didn’t know what to say since I didn’t expect it,” Bonetti said. “Even now, I don’t believe I went above and beyond. My job is to keep machines running. They’re the ones that make money for Haskell. I am the support for these machines. I am just doing my duty.”

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