Jennifer Nussbaum and her fiancé, Jorge De La Rosa

March 21, 2022

Jennifer Nussbaum Puts Clients First as She is Living the Values

After more than 13 years with Haskell, the company's Healthcare Planning Director relishes the challenges and opportunities she's experienced.


As Haskell’s Director of Healthcare Planning, Jennifer Nussbaum keeps top of mind one simple truism: Her work is all about her clients – the healthcare workers she serves and, by extension, their patients.

“I value partnering with the client,” Nussbaum said. “This is an ‘us’ effort. If I can help make their job a little easier, then somehow, I have an impact on the patients who need them. I never can get them all their wishes, but helping them understand what we can do hopefully helps them be at peace with their environment.”

This sense of empathy and altruism is among the reasons Nussbaum has been named one of three Q1 Living the Values Award recipients.

To produce a comprehensive, accurate and complete product, Nussbaum solicits the opinions of healthcare workers and administrators.

“[They] have to live every day with the decisions we make as a team,” she said.

A Columbia, South Carolina native, she now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Haskell Healthcare is based. She started as an architectural intern in 2008 with FreemanWhite prior to its acquisition by Haskell and has experienced all aspects of the business.

She plays numerous roles at Haskell. Most of her time is spent in strategic facility planning and concept design, but she also bridges strategic scenarios for campus development and architectural implementation and contributes to project management and team-member training.

In nominating her for Living the Values recognition, Jorge De la Rosa, a Haskell Project Architect and her fiancé, praised her unrivaled passion, knowledge and dedication towards her team and projects.

“Nussbaum provides research and solutions with confidence and conviction based on her 13 years of experience,” he said. “She does not back away from a challenge!”

During the recent rebranding and reorganization of Haskell’s Healthcare Consulting Division, Nussbaum leaned on the company’s Core Values of Team, Excellence, Service and Trust to help produce a refreshed organization to best serve clients’ evolving needs.

“For me, living the values at that time meant hanging in there, stepping up to the challenges ahead, and trusting management that they would steer us through this,” she said.

Throughout the transition, Nussbaum stepped into a leadership role helping to maintain client relationships and complete outstanding projects.

“I’ve been blessed with many opportunities to step up and I hope they keep coming, but I wouldn’t be able to without the support and love of my teammates,” she said, adding that she was grateful to her colleagues for their recognition of her efforts and their support her career development.

“Everything Nussbaum does for the company is a holistic combination of team, excellence, service and trust,” writes De la Rosa.

Outside of work, Nussbaum is a national multi-gold-medalist in freestyle roller-skating and also finds time for snowboarding, pottery and is an avid dog lover.

“My competitive streak definitely impacts my desire to put my best forward,” she said. “When I’m developing concepts for clients, I work through as many iterations as necessary to make sure I’ve tested every option. What I put in front of the client is the best I could come up with, then I await their feedback to challenge the development further.”

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