JEA seeks an innovative solution to declining water quality.

Once JEA discovered deteriorating water quality south of the St. Johns River, they launched their total water management plan to move abundant supply water from the north of the river to the south. After developing a risk allocation matrix, JEA selected Haskell, a proven collaborative partner, to improve water quality and distribution through progressive design-build project delivery.

Project team evaluates options for hydrogen sulfide removal.

With excessive deterioration of the 100-year-old reservoir attributed to elevated hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels, the project team conducted an evaluation that examined several possible treatment solutions to remove H2S in the raw water. Upon evaluation, JEA and Haskell chose to design and build an advanced ozone treatment system and to add finished water capacity.

Ozone solution revitalizes and develops the urban core.

The removal of the hydrogen sulfide not only helps JEA, but it also benefits the surrounding downtown Jacksonville community. With the City of Jacksonville's renewed focus on developing downtown, the upgraded water treatment facility will support an influx of new condos, parks and neighborhood markets, as well as revitalize the downtown historic district of Springfield.

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