Members of the Haskell Urdaneta team are pictured with the Safety Seal awarded to the project.

December 20, 2021

Philippine Award Shows Haskell’s Safety Culture Knows No Borders

With a focus on safety and excellence, the slogan 'Building People in the Process of Building Temples' drives the JCLDS program in the Philippines.


As The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) has grown into the Asia-Pacific region, building temples in Urdaneta, Alabang, and Davao, Philippines, Haskell has served as a trusted architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) partner.

The Haskell team in the Philippines has celebrated numerous milestones while building these temples, including achieving over 5 million safe manhours. With a focus on safety and excellence, the slogan “Building People in the Process of Building Temples” drives the JCLDS program in the Philippines.

Recently, the LDS Urdaneta project received the Safety Seal Certificate from the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Presented by Mary Antonette T. Avila, who leads DOLE’s Eastern Pangasinan (Rosales) Field Office (EPFO), the award was the first of its kind to be presented in the Pangasinan region.

“Great job, to our entire Haskell Urdaneta team!” John-Paul Saenz, Haskell Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, said in a note of congratulations. “We should all be proud of this safety recognition but, more importantly, of all the lives in the Philippines that we are positively impacting. Thank you for all your leadership and commitment to creating an excellent safety culture.”

Jeffrey Acosta, Haskell Project Safety Coordinator, the safety team and safety officers from numerous subcontractors played vital roles in the accomplishment, conducting training that ensured Haskell’s safety culture expanded to APAC and provided industry leadership in the Philippines.

“In line with Haskell’s strategic goal to ‘Provide Team Members the Best Job of Their Lives,’ the team's priority is to generate a favorable work environment, looking for ways to educate people to help us achieve compliance with safety and health standards,” said Cesar Castro, Haskell Safety Manager JCLDS Program. “Our slogan as an LDS program is ‘Building People in the Process of Building Temples.’ This award represents the effort and commitment of all the people who work on the project to make the safety culture become a habit.”

DOLE enforces strict and continual compliance with the minimum public health standards (MPHS) in business establishments, construction sites and major public places. Compliance with these standards results in the issuance of a Safety Seal Certificate. Receipt of the recognition assures Haskell clients, team members, partners and the public it adheres to COVID-19 safety protocols set by the government. In conjunction with the application, DOLE hopes to strengthen the contact tracing initiative to effectively contain the spread of the pandemic.

“Haskell’s value on safety and the protection of health of the people around us provides every person working and visiting our site the ability to feel safe and confident in the workplace,” Castro said. “Our reception of this award and recognition from the government proves the level of safety at Haskell and motivates us to maintain our safety practices and continue delivering with excellence.”

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