Del Mar Marine Mart and Gas Station Replacement

Camp Pendleton, California

Camp Pendleton’s Del Mar Area 21 community gets a consumer upgrade.

The U.S. Navy partnered with Haskell to replace the undersized and outdated MCX Marine Mart and gas station in the Del Mar Area 21 community at Camp Pendleton, California. Our design-build team designed and constructed a 12,400-square-foot MCX Marine Mart in compliance with the Camp Pendleton Base Exterior Architectural Plan (BEAP) and MCCS/MCX Retail Design Guidelines to better serve Del Mar.

Military members, families and other locals benefit from increased convenience.

The new MCX Marine Mart and fuel station will ensure the 780 resident families, 2,607 active-duty Marines and Sailors and 4,567 persons working in Del Mar will have convenient access to food vendors, a barber shop, refueling and retail services in their community. Upgrades to the existing site around the facility include additional parking, convenient drive-thru access for coffee service, an improved entrance with monumental signage, appealing landscaping, site lighting and outdoor seating areas. The improved amenities and user enhancements improve the experience for patrons.

The project stressed sustainable design for a coastal environment.

Camp Pendleton is committed to environmentally conscious development and operations, especially in the coastal Del Mar community. In line with this mission, Haskell implemented low-impact development (LID) strategies for the stormwater management by mimicking preconstruction conditions for infiltration, filtration, storage, evaporation and detention of stormwater runoff. Ultimately, we reduced the quantity of stormwater runoff and improved the runoff quality by reducing pollutants. Our LID management improves the quality of the receiving streams, rivers and ocean, promoting sustainability for the delicate coastal environment.

  • 12,400 SF marine mart
  • 1,574 or 3,100 SF gas station
  • 4,000 SF propane station
  • 1,247 SF office space
  • 1,541 SF storage space
  • 1,600 SF food truck pad
  • Retail vendors

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