Project Superintendent Sean Plocich is working his third Frito Lay project since joining Haskell three years ago.

December 15, 2022

Superintendent Sean Plocich Enjoying Culture, Challenge at Haskell

With work ethic born on his family's Texas ranch and experience from the oil patch to the job site, Plocich leads industrial job sites with ease.


Haskell Project Superintendent Sean Plocich said he learned about hard work growing up on a ranch in Texas.

“Hard work was always part of our life,” Plocich said. “We built barns, put up barbed wire fences, used heavy equipment. Sometimes I’d be out in the middle of snow pulling a calf.”

He took some college classes but said his degree is from the School of Hard Knocks. It helps that he’s mechanically inclined.

“If I see it, I know how things go together,” he said. “I get an image in my head of how a building needs to be built. And I’m aware of all the moving parts and my surroundings. When I was working on oil fields, I always knew what could go wrong, and I’ve probably seen it.

With wide-ranging career experience, including project management, he joined Haskell in 2020 as an Assistant Superintendent and subsequently was promoted to fully oversee jobsite operations. His current project, in Arlington, Texas, is his third in three years for Frito Lay, a long-standing Haskell client.

“Haskell is an incredible company with a great culture. They give you the tools to work with,” he said. “If you don’t have the tools, you’re not asking.

“The jobs are complicated. You’re working in production facilities, and they can’t shut down production. I’m working now at Frito Lay in Arlington. It’s very unique. It’s the only place they make bean dip.”

Project manager Grayson Adams, who is working with Plocich on the project, said one of Plocich’s strongest traits is his ability to build relationships with clients and subcontractors.

“It has generated a lot of goodwill,” Adams said. “It’s paid dividends. You’ve heard the saying, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.’ That’s Sean.”

Plocich said the key to these projects is to build relationships in the facility with everyone from the laborer on the floor to the operations manager.

“If you give a little, they’re going to give a lot,” he said. “If they like you, they’ll be willing to bend over backwards for you. I focus on people’s strengths, not their weaknesses. You take nuggets from everyone. Everyone has something to offer. It takes a team to be successful. With Haskell, I found a family and a team. That’s what makes it such a great culture.”

He and his wife, Robin, live in Weatherford, Texas, which is west of Fort Worth. Their passion is a nonprofit called BrothersKeepers, which works with veterans and first responders with disabilities. It was founded by Jack Fanning, an Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller who served six tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During a training exercise, Fanning parachuted into a blacked-out drop zone and sustained a C4 spinal cord injury that left him with quadriplegia. Months of physical and occupational therapy and family training enabled him to function in a wheelchair. He has found ways to shoot, hunt, scuba dive, and even jump out of airplanes. Through BrothersKeepers, he shares his success with other vets and first responders with disabilities.

Fanning’s sister is friends with Robin Plocich, who now serves on the organization’s board. Sean helps by fundraising and sometimes accompanying events, such as skiing, shooting and skydiving.

“Some of these guys have PTSD or are amputees or are quadriplegic or paraplegic,” he said. “It’s tough on the families. They can’t have the same lifestyle. So, we do what we can for them. It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever done.”

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