Leow Wei Jin

February 19, 2020

Haskell’s E-Week ‘Pioneer of Progress’ Spotlight: Leow Wei Jin


Leow Wei Jin has always been a very technical person. Since childhood, Leow preferred to understand concepts rather than memorize them. 

Leow’s parents recognized his innate technical acumen, and with their guidance and encouragement, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and honors in mechanical engineering from University Malaysia Sabah. 

Leow began his career as a piping engineer in 2013, and as he started working on the projects from the basic steps he became convinced that engineering is the soul of any project. 

“Being that person who is an important pillar driving the entire project is the momentum that keeps me passionate and still going,” he said. 

In addition to his engineering work, Leow has experience working on construction sites and supporting liquid natural gas projects. In 2018, he worked on an LNG project in Johor, Malaysia, where he designed a plant’s entire piping system. 

“It was a very hard journey for us since we used to stay up all night for days during the pressure testing for water and gases, as it could only be done (overnight) and it took us around 20 hours of testing,” he said. “However, with the support of our team, we managed to complete three batches of testing before the project completion.” 

Since joining Haskell in 2019, Leow has led a team of piping engineers on various projects, specializing in work for Safran, the world’s top manufacturer of landing gear, wheels and carbon brakes for aircraft. His young team members inspire him, he says, with their energy and passion. 

 “I really enjoy working in Haskell,” Leow said. “Even though many have said that we have a lot of young people in our team, it does not bring us down. Having young people is not an issue as long as they are self-motivated and are willing to work so everybody can succeed.” 

In his time at Haskell, Leow’s favorite project has been the Safran FEED Study, which was part of expanding a carbon-brake plant. His team undertook the design of all support equipment, such as air compressors, cooling towers, vacuums systems, thermal oxidizers, nitrogen gas systems and the electrical substation. 

In fact, it was the kind of challenging undertaking that inspired his career. 

“I would say that do not lose your passion of becoming an engineer,” Leow said. “Because when you know what you are doing, and when you can overcome the hard phase, you will enjoy it.”

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