The team at Philippines Alabang Temple again received the DOLE Safety Seal after working 2 million manhours without a lost-time injury.

August 5, 2022

Again This Year, Haskell’s Safety Culture Wins Awards in Philippines

Three LDS temple projects logged 8 million manhours without a lost-time injury, earning three Department of Labor and Employment Safety Seals.


For the second year in a row, Haskell’s teams constructing temples for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) in Urdaneta, Alabang and Davao in the Philippines have been awarded Safety Seal Certificates by the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

In the past year, the Urdaneta Temple recorded 5 million manhours without a lost-time injury (LTI); the Alabang Temple recorded 2 million manhours without an LTI; and the Davao Temple recorded 1 million manhours without an LTI.

“When we decided to go to the Philippines with the Church to build temples, we knew that we wanted it to look and feel like any other Haskell project,” said Bill Rudder, Vice President of Haskell’s Religious & Cultural Division. “We understood that there would be challenges with means and methods as well as adapting our safety practices to those methods. These awards validate that we have done so. We found in the Philippines workers that wanted to be safe. The safety team spends a lot of time and effort developing programs that meant something to the individual. It is amazing to see the programs running and the lives of those on the project being blessed.”

DOLE enforces strict and continual compliance with the minimum public health standards (MPHS) in business establishments, construction sites and major public places. Compliance with these standards results in the issuance of a Safety Seal Certificate. Receipt of the recognition assures Haskell clients, team members, partners and the public it adheres to COVID-19 safety protocols set by the government. 

Here is what other associated with the projects had to say about the accomplishments and awards:

Paula Jimeno

Project Superintendent

Philippines Urdaneta Temple

“This is a great achievement, not only for what it means in itself, but also because we have seen each worker in our projects grow, making safety a habit in their lives and, in some cases, impact their community. It is a huge effort from the Haskell team and certainly from each of the workers.”

Nathan Peters

Project Manager

Philippines Urdaneta Temple

“The Safety Seal awarded to the PH projects is the result of four years of hard work and a team effort in teaching Haskell's core values – Team, Excellence, Service, and Trust – together with the Code of Safe Practices to each trade partner. This consistent safety mentoring effort, accomplished through daily toolbox talks, careful planning, one-on-one teaching, and, most importantly, Haskell leading by example, has created a culture of safety on each jobsite.”

Rommel Bobis

Project Superintendent

Philippines Davao Temple

"Haskell is being true to its commitment of providing a safe workplace for everyone involved in its projects and community where it is located. Haskell is quick to respond in changing norms, like when the pandemic happened. They made sure everyone was given protection and care. Getting DOLE’s safety seal is a testament to Haskell’s commitment.”

Gregory Jackson

Project Manager

Philippines Davao Temple

“The receipt of the DOLE Safety Seal is a significant recognition that Haskell’s Safety Program meets or exceeds local requirements and clearly demonstrates Haskell’s commitment to provide safe and healthy workplaces on its construction sites in the Philippines. It fully supports Haskell’s drive to develop a safety culture for the benefit of the Filipino people. Haskell Cares.”

Paulo Azevedo

Project Superintendent

Philippines Alabang Temple

"For me, the Safety Seal means that safety is a top priority for Haskell as a company. We make sure that everyone is taken care of and that at the end of the day, everyone returns safe to their families. By doing so, all participants in the project will be able to continue providing the necessary services for us to be successful as a company. This seal shows that we follow our motto: ‘Building People in the Process of Building Temples.’”

Jeremy Inskeep

Director of Construction

“This award recognizes the many hours of planning and execution with the purpose to protect the women and men engaged in our projects. Haskell is changing the culture and setting new standards in this region each day. Our teams are dedicated to providing an experience of health and safety. I am grateful for the leadership at each project to set and maintain the standard of safety excellence.”

Jeffrey Acosta

Regional Safety Supervisor

APAC LDS Program

“For me, the safety seal signifies the true commitment of Haskell to its employees, clients and contract partners by providing the safest and healthiest workplaces in all its project sites. This also ensures the increase in public confidence. Workers shall be confident enough to feel that even if they are outside of their home and goes to work, they are assured of a very low chance of getting infected with COVID-19. This also improves self-discipline because a worker tends to be obedient to all the protocols being implemented by the government and Haskell. This discipline shall then be exercised at home, with his family.”

Cesar Castro

Safety Manager

LDS Program

“The fact that all our Projects obtain this important recognition from the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and celebrates 8 million safe man hours without loss time injury, confirms that the Haskell staff is committed to the values ​​of our company. Implementing and maintaining the Haskell Safety standard has been quite a challenge. Thanks to the commitment of all Haskell team members and our contract partners, today we can feel proud of what we have achieved in Safety.

“It is fascinating for me to see Our project leaders, Project Superintendents and Project Managers -- Paula, Nathan, Rommel, Greg, Paulo and Ronald – giving the necessary support to our Safety team in each project, Haskell definitely leads by example. We all have a common goal, to make Safety a habit of life. We are committed to our motto, "Building People in the Process of Building Temples."

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