Our ability to transform data into actionable solutions equips you for to improve quality, increase speed to results and control costs.

Our goal is to help create sustainable change organization-wide through alignment, collaboration and innovative strategies and solutions that allow transformation from within. By linking processes across patient care and operational platforms and converting data into actionable information, we provide insight that lets you proactively respond to the market demands and lead healthcare evolution.

We’ll help eliminate delays and variables that increase costs.

In an era characterized by increasing patient demand, constrained resources and nonstop change, optimizing clinical and business operations is essential. We have found that significant cost and operating dollars are tied up in delays and variability. Whether in patient outcomes, length of stay, bottlenecks, throughput, workforce productivity, clinical supply utilization or staff retention, we help our clients reduce the variation influencing the cost of patient care delivery.

We bring order to the chaos of system expansion.

As systems grow to take advantage of economies of scale, merging disparate operations can be costly and chaotic. With our knowledge of operational and clinical best practices, we’ll help you to standardize and optimize operations. Haskell takes a collaborative approach to system integration. Our clinical staff, process analysts and data experts work with each stakeholder’s unique supply chains, data systems and processes to craft integration strategies.

The correct facility is vital to patient and operational success.

Overbuilt facilities result in increased infrastructure costs, wasted space and operational waste. It’s true: Form really does follow function! It is also true that combining operational and clinical objectives and a right-sized facility design assures maximum utilization and the best possible patient and employee experience. Our highly skilled, multidimensional teams can transform your organization from within, remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks and inform a design reflective of your organization.

Detailed planning allows a successful move from Day One.

Transition and activation planning is the coordination of the physical, clinical, human resource and operational components of the move into a new facility. It is the key to an on-time, on-budget and safe opening. Given the magnitude of operational changes, staff-orientation challenges and natural anxiety that accompany a move, an effective transition and activation schedule is paramount. An integrated activation schedule, much like an orchestra score, describes what should be done, by whom and when, allowing staff to competently conduct Day One operations.

Optimizing operations to reduce costs bolsters the bottom line.

Managing bottlenecks and reducing expenses has a higher impact on a hospital’s bottom line than finding new sources of revenue. Haskell identifies hidden operational costs that encumber organizational productivity. With our comprehensive analytics and visualization capabilities, we eliminate the ambiguity of complex problems and provide actionable solutions tailored to your unique needs.


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