Wente Vineyards Master Plan

Livermore, California

Haskell provided a master plan to help a wine manufacturer make informed capital expenditure investments.

Every successful project starts with a plan. When the leadership at Wente Vineyards (Wente) needed help determining how to achieve optimal return on from its next round of capital expenditures, it turned to our team in search of suggestions. At Haskell, we believe that master planning is one of the most valuable tools we have to offer our clients. A thoroughly researched and data-driven master plan can help clients like Wente make informed decisions on the best areas to invest their capex for a maximum return. Our team of skilled experts carefully evaluated the current manufacturing systems at Wente and laid out a master plan with recommendations for updating the packaging and process systems, including details on the potential impacts and ROI of each suggested option.

Detailed analysis showed room for improvement with Wente’s packaging and process systems.

After analyzing Wente’s current manufacturing systems, Haskell’s engineers identified several areas for improvement. Within the packaging operations, we suggested upgrading some equipment in areas where the system was creating bottlenecks and slowing production. Some of these suggested upgrades also reduced the burden on labor, freeing up personnel to focus on other areas. On the process systems side, we identified additional tools and Clean-in-Place (CIP) system upgrades that could be used to make the facility’s sanitation procedures and protocols more efficient.

Beyond the manufacturing systems, we also reviewed the layout of Wente’s current facility and provided plans for constructing an additional building on the property that would provide extra office and warehouse space. Projected costs and benefits for this expansion were included in the plan.

The final master plan provided insights into the potential impacts and return on each upgrade.

Within the master plan, Haskell outlined the order in which the suggested upgrades should occur, the potential impacts on production, and the time expected for the company to see a return on each investment. These details helped Wente review and compare all of its options and determine the best path forward.


  • Haskell created a master plan with suggestions for packaging and process changes with strong Return on Investment (ROI) for Wente
  • Recommendations included suggestions for relieving production bottlenecks and reducing labor impacts with some key packaging equipment changes
  • Additional options were provided to reduce labor and enhance sanitation with new process equipment and automation technology
    We also made suggestions for potential facility enhancements that would allow for expansion with more office and warehouse space
  • As part of the master plan, Haskell provided a proposed order of operations for implementing the packaging and process changes, as well as an estimated ROI in months/years for each upgrade
Vice President of Business Development, Planning & Development

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