Next-generation jet engines require new capabilities.

After realizing their current facilities could not support the new series of LEAP-X engines, SAFRAN knew they needed a new facility that could. The high-technology group turned to Haskell, their proven partner since 2006, to design and build a new facility to manufacture carbon composite parts for these lighter, more fuel efficient jetliner engines.

Calculated engineering uncovers solutions in new territory.

As a new product line for SAFRAN, it was not yet known exactly what or how many pieces of equipment would be needed. With thorough research and testing, the project team identified the unknown and finalized a layout with the proper mix of equipment and the most efficient movement of personnel and product.

Manufacturing facility delivers stimulus to small town.

The new, large manufacturing facility generated immense anticipation for job creation in the community. Though known for their self-perform services, Haskell forewent the expansion of scope to instead grant opportunities to local contractors as a commitment to the regional workforce.

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