Haskell team members on a construction site.

August 5, 2020

Professional Engineers Day is cause for celebration at Haskell


It has been almost 115 years since the first professional engineering license was issued to Charles Bellamy. Today, the National Society of Professional Engineers celebrates its fifth annual Professional Engineers Day to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of professional engineers to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Professional engineer licensure is expanding across industries in the U.S. and is prevalent in design and construction. Having a professional engineer on your team demonstrates a deep level of competency and quality assurance. It also enables you to prepare, sign and seal, and submit engineering plans and drawings to a public authority for approval, or seal engineering work for public and private clients, according to the NSPE.

At Haskell, 148 engineers hold more than 800 licenses across different disciplines, including structural, mechanical, electrical, environmental, chemical and civil engineering. It is common for engineers to hold more multiple licenses across various disciplines and in different states.

“A license provides a certain level of assurance to people that you’ve got the technical training and ability to be successful,” said Denise Ramsey, Haskell Chief Engineer and Vice President of Architecture and Engineering Business Practices. “It’s highly valued here at Haskell,”

To become licensed, engineers must complete a four-year college degree and work under the mentorship of a professional engineer for at least four years. Then they must pass two competency exams and earn a license from their state’s licensure board. For professional engineers to retain their license, they must pursue continuing education.

“Professional engineering licensure helps your career progress. It’s something we encourage,” Ramsey said. Haskell helps its engineers get licensed through cross-training and guidance while working under a P.E.

Today and every day, Haskell celebrates its professional engineers. Through their licensure, Haskell demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical and quality standards, assuring both clients and the public a safe and successful design.

Haskell delivers $2± billion annually in Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and Consulting solutions to assure certainty of outcome for complex capital projects worldwide. Haskell is a global, fully integrated, single-source design-build and EPC firm with over 2,200 highly specialized, in-house design, construction and administrative professionals across industrial and commercial markets. With 20+ office locations around the globe, Haskell is a trusted partner for global and emerging clients.

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