The mark of a highly effective system is one working both reliably and near total capacity.

Optimized packaging strategies are efficient yet flexible.

Packaging line design and development is a complex function impacted by a wide variety of performance–related variables. Subtle differences in design can create wide swings in capacity, throughput and efficiency. Haskell understands these subtleties and creates systems that perform optimally to meet our clients’ needs. Our experience spans multiple markets and the resources of our specialists reflect the latest advancements in machine design and system integration.


We engineer success for even the most complex packages.

We base our efforts on two primary principles; a clear understanding of client needs and the application of well-structured fundamentals. As system integrators, we carefully evaluate the requirements and select the best equipment. Our clients rely on us for unique and flexible system designs that address solutions for difficult to manufacture packages. Whether you need a conceptual study on a packaging process or a new manufacturing facility, Haskell ensures seamless execution with an ideal outcome.



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