Procter & Gamble Distribution Center

Oxnard, California

We designed this P&G center to withstand epic natural forces.

The Procter & Gamble (P&G) Paper Products Distribution Center in Oxnard, California, is located northwest of Los Angeles and right in one of the most earthquake-prone regions of the country.

We added more protection in more places.

The 710,000-square-foot facility has load-bearing, tilt-up wall construction and contains two load-bearing, full-height fire separation walls that protect and isolate finished product storage areas. The center’s composite steel and the wood roof is designed to withstand zone four seismic activity, the region most at-risk and prone to earthquake activity.

Efficiencies maximize savings.

The facility has efficient bi-level lighting to curb energy use and intelligently manage illumination. Haskell constructed the massive facility in just six months.

  • 710,000 SF facility with load-bearing, tilt-up wall construction
  • Composite steel and wood roof structure designed to withstand level four seismic activity
  • Energy-efficient bi-level lighting system maximizes energy savings
  • Constructed in six months
Vice President & Division Leader – Consumer Products

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