A city had a unique opportunity to upgrade a wastewater treatment plant.

The City of Winter Haven found itself faced with a challenging opportunity. If the existing water treatment plant could bypass and sell the 1,200-acre sprayfield, the sale could bring substantial economic benefits to the city. With stringent timelines in place for making the property development-ready after purchase, the city turned to Haskell for assistance in getting the project off the ground and completed according to schedule.

Our Construction Management at Risk expertise shortened the project timeline.

Although the City had very capable personnel, they’d never delivered a project using anything other than traditional design-bid-build delivery. The City of Winter Haven opted for Construction Management at Risk delivery to accelerate the project schedule, expedite regulatory approval and permit acquisition, and release long-lead time equipment early in the project. The expansion and improvement of 7.5 MGD wastewater treatment plant bypassed the old overland flow effluent disposal system allowing the land to be utilized by the new owner.

Winter Haven reaped an upgraded wastewater treatment plant and new tax revenue.

Throughout the project, Haskell repeatedly proved a reliable partner. We leveraged our close relationship between design and construction to control project costs. The project captured value engineering alternatives worth $1.9 million and shortened the overall project schedule by six months compared to traditional delivery. In addition, we delivered $300,000 of savings at the project completion to the owner.

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