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When Rolls-Royce needed a partner to design and build a master planned greenfield campus — their first new construction in the United States — they selected Haskell. The newly developed 1,000-acre tract would support a 210,000-square-foot production facility for manufacturing precision aircraft components, bulk storage facilities, a waste transfer building, an on-site treatment facility and a central services building.

We brought thoughtful solutions to resolve unique challenges.

We worked collaboratively with Rolls-Royce engineers 6,000 miles away in the United Kingdom as they worked on production process development and equipment layouts in parallel with building design. When unprecedented weather conditions delayed groundbreaking or new design criteria were introduced, the Haskell team responded with alternative approaches to construction sequencing and phased permitting to keep the project on track.

Innovations yielded significant time and resource savings.

Haskell’s initial proposal included 40 value-engineering alternatives, 20 of which were included in the final scope. Haskell continued to innovate throughout the life of the project, finding countless ways to adapt to evolving design and production needs, to meet strict guidelines with effective solutions and to offer responsible LEED-standard features to manage water, harvest natural light and increase facility efficiency.

Built-in flexibility allows for future growth.

While the initial project covered only 44 acres of the tract, civil engineers planned for a future 60-acre phase including additional testing, assembly and manufacturing buildings as well as the ultimate 1,030-acre development for Rolls-Royce and future suppliers.

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